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Monday, 12 September 2016

HW 2c - Sound In Film Openings (DYM)


There is very limited dialogue in this opening scene and what is there, isn't until the last minute. The first piece of dialogue is the main character saying 'oh no' after realising that the person who he has made breakfast for (who the audience finds out is his nan later in the opening) has already got out of bed. As this is the first time a character has spoken, the audience can infer that the absence of his nan is probably a prominent theme throughout the film. This suggestion is carried on when Billy runs out of the house to find his nan and has to remind her of who he is. This automatically causes the audience to sympathise with Billy and his nan, while also setting a somber mood that contradicts the joy and messing around seen before this.

Music Track

The music track in the opening starts as diegetic, as it comes from the record player that the main character puts on, but this switches to non-diegetic music within the opening as the character moves about and runs after his nan. During the slow-motion jumping section with the titles, the music track is dominating and no sound effects can be heard. This changes from 1min56 onwards as the track decreases slightly in volume and sound effects can be heard. The volume of the track slightly interferes with the dialogue between Billy and his nan at the end as they speak very softly and are actually quite hard to hear. The lyrics in the track are all about dancing from an early age and this, coupled with the dominating presence of the track, reflects and emphasises the dance part of the film's hybrid dance, comedy-drama genre.

Sound Effects

The opening starts with the soft sound of people talking and birds chirping. This is followed by the sound of a record being taken from its case and the needle being re-positioned before the music track plays. As this beginning section is the only part where music isn't playing and a close up is used, it suggests to the audience that perhaps music and dance is an important part of the film. Sound effects such as toast popping up, footsteps and the main character bumping into the table can all be heard throughout the remainder of the opening,

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