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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Evaluation Q3: Are you pleased with the footage and your finished edit? Is it how your expected it to look? What works really well and what would you change?

Below is a link to our finished music video remake.

I am really pleased with how our final edit came out and how well, on the whole, we matched the original. The quality of the footage was amazing and shows, not just how well rehearsed all of the cast was, but how much work the crew put in, which is really what made the remake so professional.

Things that I thought went well:

  • The accuracy of the lip-sync matching
  • The grading, in particular for the MS and CUs of Jack (Noah the bassist) and I (band Sydney)
  • The white flicker insert shots and fades on the Cool Kid CUs and Flower dress Sydney with the band

Video of me showing the difference between a shot with its grading and without

Grading examaple

Shots with white flicker

Example of flicker fade shot


The main thing that I would change if we were to redo this task would be to change the lighting for some of the shots. In some cases, the original uses low-key lighting, making our shots too bright to be a perfect match and for some of the Cool Kids CUs, we have their faces lit from the opposite side to what the original has. 

Face lit from the wrong side
Shot where the lighting wasn't right

We also had a few quick shots missing which meant that we had to substitute in others that we thought would work - this did allow us to be a bit more creative though which I liked. In our edit as well, we've actually skipped over a short cutaway shot of some writing, which we didn't realise until we had exported.

Gif of the shot that we accidentally left out

The dance sequence at the end is also different in our edit as none of us could actually break dance so we just took shots that we liked for that and where we were having fun to fit the mood off the original.

Gif of the end dance sequence

These are all very small issues that don't affect our final edit too much and I am really proud of our work.

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