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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Evaluation Q4: How do you think your prelim experiences will impact on your approach to next term's music video coursework?

Completing the prelim task has made me conscious of so many aspects of music video production and post-production that I hadn't realised before. For one, the huge number of shots used in music videos and how quick they are was new to me as well as the importance of styling and beauty shots. The prelim has also made me more comfortable with the equipment such as the cyclorama and the sound desk and set design, for example achieving the infinity curve for the backdrop.

Below I have explained some of the key things I have learnt from the prelim that I will take forward into next term's music video.


  • Genre is one of the most important parts of this stage as it dictates conventions in styling, set design, props, camera work, colour scheme and whether the video includes narrative or is more conceptual.
  • Plan what shots you want and the desired lighting and set design in advance
  • Put thought into the styling of your characters as this helps connote the genre 
  • Casting needs to be done as soon as possible and it is important that you get people that are willing to really perform and just go for it 
  • Rehearsals are key so that your actors aren't just thrown in at the deep end on the day and they know what they are doing and you can get the best possible performance out of them
  • Make detailed call lists for everyone involved in the shoot so that they all know where to be and when
  • Make a detailed shoot schedule so that on the day you just have to follow it - this reduces the chance of you not filming all the shots that you wanted
Rehearsal Schedule

Studio set up for shoot day
  • Getting a huge variety of different shots and takes is key in ensuring that we can do the rapid montages conventionally seen in music videos 
    • This will also give us plenty of choices for editing and lower the risk of our music video looking to the same throughout and getting boring
  • Make the most of the high quality equipment we have and don't be afraid to try new things
  • Always handle the equipment safely and be careful of wires
  • Make sure that the actors are actually singing along to get the best possible lip-sync
  • Encourage your actors and be supportive of them as it can be very nerve-wracking and tiring being in front of the camera


  • Create an editing schedule as a group so we don't end up falling behind and not meeting the deadline
  • Take your time grading using ProCamp, Levels and Three-Wheel Colour Corrector to get the desired look which fits the genre and mood of the song
  • Montage editing is key in keeping the audience interested and following conventions
Our week 1 edit schedule

Overall, the prelim was an amazing experience which taught me so much through all the required stages and has made me even more excited to create my own music video next term.

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