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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Construction Post 28: My personal contribution to the Edit Sessions

Me editing a match on action
During the first week of editing I was responsible for putting the soundtracks in place and working in detail on getting the match on actions as tight as possible. We decided as a group that I would take the lead in this not only because I like that part of editing, but also because out of the three of us I had used the software the most before and with the fiddly nature of match on actions that would probably come in handy.  I also helped to get all of the shots onto the timeline in the correct order and position the basic titles in the right place on each shot.

During the second week, with the back-up footage needing to be put in as well as all of the grading and titles needing to be done, there was a lot more overall to do.

I did some of the grading for the kitchen shots to give them the 'look' we were after and a video showing the grading changes can be seen below.

Also during the second week of editing, we noticed that there was a problem with one of our shots. It was an over the shoulder pan down to a text that the main character gets which despite looking clear when we played it back on the camera, was too hard to read when transferred to the computer. After talking to the technician, we decided that the only way to improve this was to add in a zoom on Premiere. I was the one to do this in my free period following the discussion and was pleased that the rest of the group and the teachers were happy with the improvement when they saw it.

I also created some of the titles for the opening on LiveType, adding in the effects and attributes to give the look we were after.
Below is a video of me creating a title.

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