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Sunday, 5 November 2017

R+P Post 22: Planning my promo shots

As the promo shots will be play a key part in presenting AJ to his audience, it is important that they showcase the various sides to his personality.

We want a mixture of location and studio promo shots following conventions we've seen from other artists showing both the smooth, professional side and the more vulnerable, 'real' side.
Below are some examples showing the vibe we are going for for some of our promo shots.

Promo shots from Raleigh Ritchie and Ne-Yo

I think these promo shots are very effective because they capture different sides of the artists and are all very striking. I particularly like Raleigh Ritchie's shot where he is frowning off camera giving the picture a spur of the moment feel as if it was unplanned. I think if we can combine promo shots like this with some of the more polished ones similar to Ne-Yo's, we could have some very eye-catching promo shots.

In addition to these more traditional and 'serious' promo shots, I would like to include some more goofy and fun on the website as well the artist's instagram. This will help show off AJ's personality as the slightly awkward, goofy yet lovable geek.

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